Xanax (Alprazolam)

Why should you take it?

If you suffer from sudden panic attacks and anxiety as a result of depression Xanax will be your saver. It doesn’t mean that if you are anxious about your everyday routine and you just worry about your child you should take Xanax to calm down.
This medicine is for people who have panic disorder. It means that they are worrying about some events in their life for a long period of time and they don’t know how to deal with this anxiety.

Are you really ill?

Before going to the doctor and asking for a prescription you should define if you really have panic attack and unrealistic anxiety. There are some main characteristic features which almost all people with this disease have. It may help you to learn if you really ill and need treatment.
If you:
  • are jerking, shivering ;
  • feel weak and tired all the time;
  • have problems with breathing;
  • high or low blood pressure;
  • have headaches;
  • cold or sweaty hands;
  • diarrhea;
  • have feeling of unreality;
  • fear to die;
  • have complications at focusing;
  • have problems with sleep;
  • feel irritated all the time;
  • are thinking of committing suicide
you have to go to your health care provider immediately. Tell him all your symptoms, the period your problems have been worrying you and ask him to prescribe you Xanax.

Don’t buy Xanax if you find your diseases in the list of contradictions.

This medicine is rather effective and it can easily lessen your anxiety symptoms but if you have some of diseases from the list below it is better to renounce from Xenax to avoid side effects and consequences.
The disease of glaucoma, any allergic reactions to alprazolam, or taking of Nizoral or Sporanox can prevent you from taking Xanax. Because, in this case, taking of this medicine can lead to undesirable results and side effects. Also there is another list of diseases which are not so dangerous while taking Xanax but your doctor should know about them to prescribe you right dose of medicine. Inform your expert if you are ill on:
  • alcohol or drug addiction ;
  • kidney disease;
  • problems with liver, especially because of alcohol;
  • breathing complications : asthma, bronchitis;
  • have ever had surgery;
  • Parkinson’s disease.
Also inform your doctor if you have ever thought about suicide; take drugs; smoke; take any herbs; dietary goods; tell your age. For people who are over 60 years old doctors may forbid taking of Xanax or they will just prescribe you the smallest dose.
Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or going to get pregnant. It is not recommended to take Xanax during the period of pregnancy or while you are a breast-feeding mother because it can harm your child.

Follow the prescription.

Doctor will prescribe you an exact dose of Xanax according to your age, weight, sex and physical condition. Also all possible diseases can influence the dose as well as the severity of your psychological condition and level of the anxiety.
Take your dose only following the prescription with a glass of water or with food if you have stomachaches. Drink water only when your pill has melted in your mouth and you have swallowed for a few times.
Remember that Xanax is an additive medicine so you should control yourself and take pills only when it was prescribed and only for the period it was prescribed by your doctor. While taking this medicine try not to drink alcohol because Xanax can increase the effect of alcohol.
Also avoid eating or drinking food and beverages with grapefruit because it can be the reason for many side effects. If you get flu, sore throat or running nose when taking these pills don’t try to cure yourself without consulting your doctor before. Self-treatment can be the reason for serious side effects in future.